Canada Beef launches Canadian Beef Information Gateway


Source: Canadian Cattlemen’s Association


Phased rollout begins with Canadian Beef branded edition for smaller retailers


Canada Beef is pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian Beef Information Gateway (Gateway), its most ambitious initiative to date. The Gateway is dedicated to supporting the future growth of the Canadian cattle industry and an outstanding beef eating experience for customers in Canada and around the world.


Canada Beef recognizes the importance of keeping information accessible at key time points relating to beef purchases and preparation. Consumers simply scan a Gateway QR or UPC code with a smart phone or tablet to access content that inspires them to try new beef cuts, recipes and preparation methods with confidence.


The launch of the first-phase of the Gateway showcases approximately 75 beef cuts organized into categories of Roasts, Steaks, Grounds and Other beef cuts. Each product has a digital profile that features essential information including recommended cooking methods, food safety and storage information, written recipes along with ‘hands-in-pans” instructional videos, nutritional information and shopping lists.


Canada Beef President, Michael Young, said the Gateway’s blend of convenience and technology will maximize the food basket for grocers, increase carcass utilization for producers and increase consumer satisfaction.


“Our goal is to enhance the customer experience and we intend to accomplish this through direct to consumer promotion and collaboration with retailers as well as other supply chain partners,” he said.


The first edition of the Gateway is designed for local retailers and those looking for quick-to-implement solutions. Future phases of the Gateway will feature co-branded partnerships with national retail banners that incorporate customizable content. Canada Beef is actively engaged in talks with the grocery sector and continues to evolve the Gateway in response to the feedback received. A French version of the Gateway resources will be available later in 2022.


The launch of the first-phase of the Gateway comes as consumers continue to seek out new ways to enjoy Canadian beef including information on preparation methods and recipe ideas. As food costs increase the mandate to deliver an outstanding eating experience continues to be of great importance to the sector. It also follows more than a year of innovation and collaborative effort at Canada Beef to develop a modern digital ecosystem that provides awareness of the versatility of Canadian beef with a goal to inspire a wider repertoire of beef choices more often.


Scan the code above using the camera on your smartphone to try the Gateway for yourself. Watch for ads in regional and national industry publications, as well as consumer publications from January to March including Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest, Chatelaine, Maclean’s magazine, Style at Home, House and Home, Western Living and Toronto Life.


To learn more about how the Gateway will serve the Canadian beef industry, please visit:


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