Grey-Dufferin Community Pasture Receives Award in Recognition of Environmental Stewardship -SOurce:The 2022 Environmental Stewardship Award Recipient


Source: Beef Farmers of Ontario

The Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) is pleased to announce the GreyDufferin Community Pasture as the 2022 recipient of The Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA). The award
is sponsored by the RBC Royal Bank and was announced at BFO’s 60th Annual General Meeting, which was held virtually this week.

Located near the village of Dundalk in Grey County, the Grey-Dufferin Community Pasture has developed strong, sustainable farming practices to ensure the productivity of their members’ cattle, as well as to ensure the health and fertility of the land they share. This community pasture has demonstrated their environmental stewardship through their commitment to grazing management, willingness to support research and project
development, and dedication to preserving Ontario’s pasturelands.

The Grey-Dufferin Community Pasture is very proud to be responsible stewards of one of the largest areas of pastureland in both Dufferin and Grey Counties. The board and manager of the community pasture have an ongoing commitment to improve their sustainable practices through pasture management, habitat development and maintaining soil and water health. It has always been a priority for the Grey-Dufferin
Community Pasture to support research and education, both locally through annual farm tours, as well as through cooperation with government, academia, and private environmental groups. Over the years, a number of research projects have been conducted covering a variety of topics including rotational grazing, pollinators, forage utilization, grassland birds, and parasites, to name a few.

“The willingness of the board and manager to participate in demonstration and research projects related to grazing management has made them a leader in the grazing community,” says Jack Kyle, retired OMAFRA Grazier Specialist. “Their environmental projects have had positive benefits for the Grey-Dufferin Community Pasture, the wildlife of the pasturelands and the local community.”

The Grey-Dufferin Community Pasture continues to find ways to improve their environmental footprint. They are dedicated to the health and welfare of their cattle and to the land and soil that provides feed for their livestock and a home for so many pollinators, birds, earthworms and numerous other critters.

TESA recognizes the outstanding environmental stewardship of an Ontario beef farmer. Special consideration is given to farmers who have taken innovative approaches to environmentally sustainable beef production.


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