Altosid® IGR, the Industry Standard for Horn Fly Control, Announces Lower Price To Protect Cattle And Bottom Lines


Altosid® IGR, the industry-leading feed-through insect growth regulator for horn fly control, is now available at a price of 2 to 3 cents per animal, per day. This lower price point improves the cost efficiency of Altosid® IGR, a solution proven to dramatically lower horn fly populations on pasture and improve weight gains in treated cattle by as much as 15.8%.

“Altosid IGR has truly represented the gold standard for horn fly control for nearly 50 years, and we’re excited to make the best value in the industry even better,” said Mark Upton, director of sales for the Feed Additive Group at Central Life Sciences. “Horn flies are the number one economic pest threat to cattle on pasture, so it was important to us to make Altosid IGR accessible to more operations of all sizes.”

Horn flies infest cattle on pasture with populations that can reach as high as 4,000 flies per animal in untreated herds. Even populations of 200 horn flies per animal can inflict up to 28,000 bites per day, which equates to a loss of two gallons of blood over the entire season. These losses from horn flies cost the industry an estimated $1 billion each year due to the stress they inflict and cattle disease they spread, inciting weight loss as high as 50 pounds per yearling.

“Producers using Altosid IGR for horn fly control are not just protecting their cattle, they’re protecting their bottom line,” said Upton. “We’ve conducted studies that have shown that at this new price, increased weight gains from treated cattle could potentially produce a return on investment of as much as 13:1 with Altosid IGR.”

Altosid® IGR is a feed-through fly control solution that passes through the digestive system and into manure where horn flies lay their eggs. It was designed specifically to break the horn fly life cycle by preventing pupae from developing into biting adults. Able to exert its effect at very small concentrations, Altosid® IGR is an ideal fly control choice for today’s environmentally responsible producer. For greatest effectiveness, Altosid® IGR should be used as the foundation of an integrated pest management (IPM) program including proper sanitation, maintaining physical structures, incorporating naturally occurring fly enemies and using chemical controls.

“While many products tout an “all-in-one” approach that will control all fly species, we like to remind customers that there is no silver bullet when it comes to fly control,” said Upton. “For horn fly infestations on pasture cattle, the best results are going to come from a product designed specifically to control horn flies— Altosid IGR.”

Altosid® IGR is available in mineral blocks, tubs, liquid feed supplements, and as a premix that can be top dressed or mixed into feed. For more information about the benefits of Altosid® IGR and where to buy, visit


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