From Foot to Claw

Host Jeff Lehmkuhler is joined by his colleague Dr. Darrh Bullock to discuss the newer foot angle and claw set EPD's.   Music from Pixabay: Summer trip with a guitar
When evaluating leases or estate plans, understanding the mindset of other people involved can bring context to the process and help preserve relationships.
What determines the success of a beef farm? There are a lot of answers to that question, including animal health, welfare, nutrition, reproduction, and overall performance, environment and facilities, costs and profits, and the people involved in all of...
Amy Higgins (VBP+ Coordinator from New Brunswick)is joined by Kajal Devani ( - Canadian Angus Association), and Sean McGrath ( - Round Rock Ranching) and have a discussion around the tools that are available for genetic selection and improving...
Research is providing new insights into long term management practices to reduce the encroachment of eastern red cedar into native rangeland and pasture.
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