As Business Continues, Stay Safe During COVID-19


Source: Beef Cattle Research Council,

The Canadian beef business prides itself on the value of a handshake, but with the ongoing #COVID19 situation, it is important for producers to practice social distancing and follow self-isolation guidelines as required.

There are many production practices, such as vaccinations and processing, that must continue to take place for the health and welfare of animals. There are also other activities and events, including cattle sales, shipments, or brandings, that will continue in order for the beef production cycle to run as smoothly as possible.

Producers should be familiar with specific requirements from their provinces and territories to ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves, their families, and their employees. In addition, practical and important industry-specific guidelines that producers should follow include:

For more resources related to cattle production, farm management, trade, and financial supports, please visit the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association dedicated #COVID19 webpage. Feedlot-specific information can be found at the National Cattle Feeders’ Associationwebpage.

The core of Canada’s beef industry are its people, and producers are resilient, resourceful, and adaptable. During this time, keep yourself, your families, your employees, and your farms safe.


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