Canadian Livestock Transport program enhancements have launched


Source: Canadian Cattlemen Association

The National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council is pleased to announce the release of the new and improved Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) program. The CLT program is a comprehensive training course and support service for livestock and poultry transporters, shippers and receivers. CLT is an easily accessible, on-line standardized program offering humane animal transportation certification that is recognized throughout Canada and the United States.

With the support and guidance of an industry government advisory committee, this program addresses training needs in the areas of animal welfare and quality assurance, laws and regulations, animal behaviour and handling, the transport process, and contingency planning in livestock and poultry transport.

As humane transportation is a shared responsibility, the training has been developed for commercial transporters, and also provides valuable information and certification for those with roles and responsibilities in animal transportation including producers, handlers (at farms, auction markets, order buyers, feedlots), plant crews, and loading crews.

The benefits of training and certification include enhanced and up-to-date knowledge, improved safety for handlers and animals, reduced livestock stress and injury during transport, decreased economic loss and increased public trust.

As of August 4, 2020, the updated CLT online training platform is up and running. The program has been restructured to offer training modules for livestock (cattle, sheep, hogs, horses, elk and bison) and poultry. All training materials reflect the February 2020 regulatory changes to the humane transportation requirements under the Health of Animals Regulations.

The next phase of the CLT transition is program enhancement to incorporate additional learning methods and tools, and expansion into related areas of livestock handling and management. This includes consultation with government and industry partners to explore the development of additional on-line training opportunities such as horse transportation, livestock shippers and receivers (slaughter plants and auction markets) and in-depth livestock and poultry handling.

Please check our website for new program updates as we continue to enhance the CLT program. To learn more about the program or register for training, please visit Please feel free to contact Amy Wright, CLT Co-ordinator, with any comments or questions about current training, or with new suggestions or ideas for the CLT program.

For more information, please contact:

Amy Wright CLT Co-ordinator, National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council 403-879-4001 |


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