Carcass outcomes in beef cattle


Source: University of Manitoba

Impact of cow-calf feeding and vaccination strategies


Project Lead: Dr. Kim Ominski, Dept. Animal Science, Email:

Fetal programming: Kimberly Vonnahme and Larry Reynolds (NDSU)
Carcass outcomes: Argenis Rodas-Gonzalez (U of M) and Jennifer Aalhus (AAFC-Lacombe).
Other: Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein (AAFC-Lethbridge) and Al Shaefer (Animal Inframetrics)

NDSU Central Grasslands Research Extension Center
Manitoba Beef & Forages Initiatives


1. Gain new knowledge regarding:
i) The impact of nutrient deficiencies during fetal development on muscle fiber number, intramuscular adipocytes, intramuscular fat accumulation or marbling;
ii) The impact of needle free injection technology on carcass quality when administered in calves (60 d) and feedlot cattle.

2. Adoption of improved management strategies leading to:  i) improved marbling and other carcass outcomes; ii) elimination of  needle fragments in retail meat; elimination of  accidental injury associated with needle sticks

3. Build meat science capacity in Manitoba.  The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences has recently hired a meat scientist who through this project will have the opportunity to work closely with an internationally recognized meat scientist located in Lacombe, Alberta


To determine:
1) Performance and metabolic status in nutrient-restricted (NR) vs. non-restricted (NOR) cows during the winter feeding period
2) Growth performance, muscle development and carcass outcomes of the male offspring from NR and NOR cows.
3) The impact of injection techniques using needle-free vs. needle syringe injections on carcass outcomes, including injection site reactions.
4) Potential management strategies to improve cow performance as well as growth and carcass outcomes of the progeny.
5) Economic impacts of nutrient deficiencies during gestation on profitability including potential losses associated with reduced birth weight, weaning weight, increased need for treatment, etc.


Manitoba Beef Producers
Governments of Manitoba and Canada through the Growing Forward 2, Growing Innovation – Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative
Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives


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