Cattle Repro Start-Up EmGenisys Receives Reproduction Patent


Source: EmGenisys, Inc. news release

The latest patent issued to EmGenisys, Inc., an animal health company that aims to improve success rates in embryo transfer (ET) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) for cattle producers, will be a game changer for the future of cattle reproduction.

This United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) issued patent (BOVINE EMBRYO EVALUATION USING AI/ML ANALYSIS OF REAL-TIME FRAME SPEED VIDEO FOR PREDICTING FEMALE SEX OFFSPRING) will allow for the analyzation of embryo health and prediction of the sex of embryos with real-time video, allowing quick assessment from the microscope to transfer or freeze. This will reveal never-before-seen characteristics of embryo development.

In the fall of 2022, the cattle reproduction start-up was awarded a patent for the revolutionary technology utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate the health of bovine embryos. In early 2023, two more patents were awarded.

Cara Wells, CEO & Founder, said, “As I reflect on the results from our team’s hard work, there is no doubt we have witnessed the demand for our solutions to improve live birth outcomes of assisted reproductive techniques in both clinical human IVF and animal breeding programs. We greatly appreciate the USPTO for recognizing the novelty of our patent applications as we launch our solutions for use in both domestic and international markets.”

The progress in the development of the platform, EmGenuity, has yielded a list of first adopters to build unique models for individual operations and/or embryology protocols.
These insights can rapidly revolutionize our ability to grow and transfer healthy embryos, which results in safe, healthy pregnancies.

“This pioneering invention uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze short, real-time videos to evaluate various embryo characteristics, pre-implantation, has received six U.S. patents, with two more granted on May 9th and five still pending,” said Tracy Druce, EmGenisys Chairman of the Board. “Patent applications have also been filed for more than 30 countries.”

“It has been a cooperative team effort between practitioners recording videos, producers, software engineers, and patent attorneys to develop, validate, and protect these solutions for improved reproductive outcomes,” Russell Killingsworth, Chief Veterinary Officer, said.
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