Central Valley Meat Expands Operations with Acquisition of Cargill’s Fresno Beef Plant


Central Valley Meat Holding Co., based in Hanford, California, has announced its acquisition of the Cargill Meat Solutions beef packing facility located in Fresno, California. This strategic purchase enhances Central Valley Meat’s processing capacity and bolsters its commitment to the cattle and dairy sectors in California and the broader western region, according to a company press release.

Brian Coehlo, CEO and owner of Central Valley Meat, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating it supports the company’s long-term strategy to enhance its product offerings and better meet customer demands. “This acquisition aligns perfectly with our vision to strengthen our market presence and continue providing high-quality beef products,” said Coehlo. He emphasized the company’s commitment to collaborating with local cattle producers to sustain the supply of premium beef.

The acquisition notably increases the company’s operational capabilities, with the Fresno facility processing nearly 2,000 cattle per day. This expansion allows Central Valley Meat to adapt more effectively to shifting industry trends, improve operational efficiencies, and foster innovation by integrating Cargill’s expertise and resources.

Furthermore, the transition plan includes potential employment opportunities for Cargill’s existing staff at the Central Valley Meat facilities. Both companies have expressed a strong commitment to retaining as much of the workforce as possible and maintaining robust beef processing capabilities for local producers.

While Central Valley Meat takes over the Fresno beef plant, Cargill will continue its operations at the adjacent facility, which focuses on ground beef and hamburger patties.

Central Valley Meat Holding Co. is a family-owned corporation that operates multiple facilities, including Central Valley Meat, Harris Ranch Beef Company, Harris Ranch Feeding, and CLW Foods, collectively employing over 2,000 people.


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