CFA is eager to assist in the implementation of the Food Policy of Canada through the Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council


Source: Canadian Federation of Agriculture

CFA was pleased to be a part of the launch of the new Food Policy for Canada, and is excited to hear of the development of a Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council, a key recommendation from CFA and a host of other organizations spanning industry, academia, and civil society

The Food Policy for Canada will provide a platform that will enable a whole-of-government approach to Canadian Agri-Food policy. CFA has been advocating to develop an initiative such as this, when CFA presented its National Food Strategy nearly a decade ago. This strategy was developed with participants from the whole food system value chain- who all echoed the need for a long-term strategic vision for food in Canada.

“Food is affected by a variety of factors that are rarely in the spotlight. International and domestic regulatory processes, immigration policies, transportation, climate change, education, consumer habits and cutting edge technology all have direct effects not only on the ways that we produce food in Canada, but also the price of food and the types of food that we have available to eat. A National Food Policy can organize this puzzle and help fit the pieces together,” said Mary Robinson, CFA President.

“The CFA looks forward to further engaging the Government in developing the governance process and implementation procedures for the Food Policy for Canada.”

As such, the Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council will bring together a litany of stakeholders and government departments to support the Food Policy for Canada, and its common vision for the future of Canada’s food system. As the system is influenced by so many different elements, a cross-cutting approach is crucial to understanding the complexities involved in the journey food takes from the farm to the consumer’s plate.

Apart from the advisory council, CFA was also pleased to see several other details announced today, reinforcing earlier commitments in the 2019 Federal Budget. These include:

  • A new Canada Brand and Buy Canadian promotional campaigns that will aim to increase pride and consumer confidence in Canadian food
  • Challenge fund to support the most innovative food waste reduction ideas in food processing, grocery retail, and food service
  • New funds to help the Canadian Food Inspection Agency crack down on food fraud

CFA will continue to collaborate with the federal government on this initiative and is pleased with the progress that has been made so far. As more details become available, the CFA will seek a seat on the Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council.


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