CSTA Recognizes Exceptional Contributions to the Seed Industry at its 96th Annual Meeting


Source: Canadian Seed Trade Association

At its 96th Annual Meeting, the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) recognized and celebrated the innovative contributions of three exceptional leaders within the seed industry. This year’s award winners are:

Canadian Plant Breeding & Genetics Award: Dr. Pierre Hucl

Dr. Hucl is the current senior spring wheat and canary seed breeder at the Crop Development Centre in Saskatchewan. He is an internationally recognized, innovative plant breeder, having released over 50 cultivars of wheat, canary seed and pulse crops. This award is co-sponsored by CSTA and Germination Magazine.

Seed Achievement Award: Brian McNaughton

Brian has been active in the Canadian seed industry since the mid 1980’s, starting his career with Conti Seed in Carman, Manitoba and starting HyTech Production Ltd. in 1998. Brian was a founding member of the CSTA Hybrid Canola Committee, in which he remains engaged to this day.

Honorary Life Membership: Patty Townsend

Patty originally joined CSTA as Vice-President and became CEO in 2011. Patty focused on creating collaboration and consensus with producer organizations across the country. Her efforts in this area were highlighted by the formation of Partners in Innovation, bringing together grower and industry organizations in support of investment and innovation in plant breeding to support the future of Canadian agriculture. Note: This award was received by video presentation.

“I am pleased to recognize and celebrate these three outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the seed industry,” said Todd Hyra, President, CSTA. “On behalf of our members, I want to congratulate Pierre, Brian and Patty on their accomplishments. We’re fortunate to have these trailblazers as part of the CSTA.”

CSTA members are proud contributors to our nation’s economy and to the health and well-being of Canadian consumers. Learn more about CSTA at seedinnovation.ca.


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