Cutting-edge research takes spotlight for Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada


Source: Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada news release

New frontiers in animal nutrition are generating dynamic new opportunities for livestock and feed industries to become more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Participants from across the animal nutrition industry can learn about the latest knowledge and developments – including cutting-edge research driving the rising potential of epigenetics and more – at the 3rd annual Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada (ANCC), May 15-16 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. (Registration is available at

The ANCC brings together participants from across Canada and beyond, in one unparallelled national event featuring top speakers, hot topics and the latest science-based knowledge and progress, along with outstanding discussion and networking opportunities.

The ANCC is hosted by the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) and is the only Canadian conference with a singular focus on animal nutrition, with a robust program designed for researchers, nutritionists, feed industry specialists and other industry partners.

Rising potential of epigenetics

Building on the success of its past events in Edmonton and Quebec City, the 3rd annual ANCC features the theme “Integrating epigenetic concepts and principles with animal nutrition.” Epigenetics is an advanced nutrition concept centered on the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Advances in epigenetics hold the potential to strengthen the genes of herds and flocks and provide a head start on animal health and nutrition.

What are the potential applications of epigenetics research on today’s feeding programs? Is your organization positioned to take advantage of its benefits? The program features a number of discussions that will help attendees answer these questions and more.

Forefront of advances

“Epigenetics is an innovative science which goes beyond everyday nutritional requirements,” says ANCC Program Chair Kayla Price of Alltech, “In light of changes in the environment and regulations as well as shifting consumer expectations, staying at the forefront of advances in livestock genetics requires a solid understanding of the tools and science in development now. This year’s ANCC aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge.”

The 2019 ANCC program includes an assortment of accomplished speakers from all over the world presenting the latest research regarding epigenetics and animal nutrition, including specialized sessions on both ruminants and monogastrics. Industry partners may also be interested in the graduate student poster competition and the industry supplier showcase featuring suppliers from across the animal nutrition supply chain.

Investing in innovation

This year’s pre-conference symposium, “Nutritional Health — Investing in Innovation for Livestock and Poultry,” is being hosted by Adisseo. The pre-conference symposium will take place on the morning of Wednesday, May 15, and is open to all registrants.

“The ANCC is a world-class conference which allows the animal nutrition industry to showcase the good work and cutting-edge research we do,” according to Mark Cameron, ANAC board member and ANAC Nutrition Committee Board Representative, “It’s also an opportunity for ANAC to highlight the work it does in advancing the interests of the Canadian feed industry. To that end, the 2019 ANCC will once again feature a regulatory update at the end of the conference, the presentation of the ANAC scholarship, and multiple opportunities to celebrate Canadian research.”

Unique business, networking opportunities

Aside from valuable insights into scientific developments, the ANCC also offers unique business and networking opportunities. “It’s not often that you have representatives from across Canada’s animal nutrition industry gather in one place,” according to Theunis Wessels of Lallemand Animal Nutrition, the ANCC Organizing Committee’s Industry Chair, “The ANCC is not only a valuable platform for Canadian research, but also a good chance for the sharing of ideas between academia and industry in order to strengthen relationships and avoid any gaps in knowledge of regulatory changes, research developments, and other industry issues.

Being located in beautiful Niagara Falls is a great bonus as well.” Dedicated time for networking is set aside in the form of a welcome cocktail on the evening of Tuesday May 14 and a reception on the evening of Wednesday May 15.

Full program details, sponsor recognition and registration information are available at Follow and engage on social media with #ANCC19. ANAC is the national trade association of the livestock and poultry feed industry, with over 170 members including feed and ingredient manufacturers and distributors as well as suppliers of a wide range of goods and services to the feed industry. Learn about ANAC at


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