Deliver the power of postbiotics


Innovative new technology has applications for swine, poultry, equine, dairy, beef and more.

Postbiotics are a novel solution to address a rising focus on proactive health across animal species – including swine, poultry, equine, dairy, beef and more.

Among the latest developments in Canada, Hoffman’s Horse Products announced an exciting advancement to its line of equine feeds with the addition of TruEquine™ –  a natural (as defined by AAFCO) postbiotic feed additive. TruEquine works with the biology of horses to maintain immune strength and promote digestive health, and can lead to joint support, gut health, and stress management.

“Diamond V technology has been a long-standing integral component of Hoffman’s Horse Products, as we have continually strived to provide horse owners and managers with the best available solutions in the marketplace,” says Bernie Grumpelt, livestock nutritionist with Hoffman’s Horse Products and Country Junction Feeds.

“The addition of TruEquine to our products demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with innovative, proven nutrition solutions that ensure the best support and results possible for their horses.”

Advancing nutrition with postbiotics

“Interest in postbiotics is on the rise as horse owners seek new ways to proactively support horse health and performance,” says Deven Vespi, Global Equine Business Development for Diamond V. Not to be confused with probiotics (living microorganisms) or prebiotics (fuel for probiotics), postbiotics are the result of preparing non-living microorganisms to deliver a direct health benefit to the animal.  TruEquine postbiotics contain hundreds of bioactive compounds that have been proven to optimize horse health and overall wellbeing,” Vespi adds.

Diamond V has been leading the way in innovating animal nutrition with postbiotics, backed by science. With the addition of TruEquine to Hoffman’s Horse Products, horse owners and managers will now have more access to novel, proven proactive health solutions, explains Vespi.

Taking health and nutrition to the next level

“We are proud to add TruEquine into our Hoffman’s formulations, bringing the unique advantages of proven equine postbiotics to our customers,” says Kirstin Smith, Feed Marketing Representative with Hoffman’s Horse Products and Country Junction Feeds. “It fits our philosophy of continually innovating to offer the leading solutions in equine health and nutrition, with products that provide natural advantages our customers can feel good about providing to their horses.”

Customers can expect the same proven, high quality Hoffman’s formulations they have trusted for years, now further enhanced with the addition of TruEquine, says Grumpelt. “Advances in horse nutrition when done right are typically represented in a chart as smooth curves, not staircases. With TruEquine, Hoffman’s customers can expect to see beneficial results that continue advancing the well-being of their horses along that upward curve of continual improvement, no matter their class, type, or life stage.”

Supporting a lifetime of success

With the addition of TruEquine, feeding Hoffman’s as part of a regular horse care program is now better than ever to get the best support and results with horses, says Smith. “It’s also a great intervention for horses struggling with a joint or stomach issues, or horses under stress. It’s an excellent solution to maintain or improve the overall horse wellbeing.” Hoffman’s is sold across both Canada and the U.S.

Hoffman’s Horse Products has been a household name in the horse industry since 1997, when its original signature Hoffman’s mineral was introduced to the market.  Since then, Hoffman’s has grown and diversified with numerous customized offerings reflecting a holistic and innovative approach to equine nutrition. Hoffman’s Horse Products is manufactured at Country Junction Feeds in Wetaskiwin Alberta. Learn more at and


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