Effect of rest stop duration and quality on the welfare of cattle transported by road


Source: Beef Farmers of Ontario

Executive Summary

The objectives of the project are to determine:

  1. the effects of varying rest stop duration (including no rest stop) and time in transport, on calf health and welfare;
  2. the effects of calf source (single source ranch vs commingled auction market) on the welfare of weaned calves transported and rested for the same duration and under the same conditions;
  3. the effects of rest stop condition (pen size and density, bedding type and amount, feed/er and water trough type and dimensions) on calf welfare.

Project deliverables include the development of:

  1. Best management practices for rest stop durations based on transport times;
  2. Optimal conditions (bedding, space, feed, and water) for calves at the rest stop;
  3. Best rest stop management strategies based on the source of cattle (auction vs ranch derived);
  4. Science-based information for updating the transportation codes of practice.

Completion date:  2022


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