Feedlot Builders TenCorp And Heartland Builders Announce Partnership


Source: TenCorp news release

Two proven livestock barn builders, TenCorp Inc. and Heartland Builders Co., are forming a strategic partnership to expand availability of high-quality, innovative deep-pit cattle barns across Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. This alliance allows both companies to reach more beef producers, and advance their feeding operations, across the Midwest.

Leveraging decades of combined experience and a shared commitment to livestock farming, Heartland Builders will oversee the construction of TenCorp-designed deep-pit cattle barns throughout the Midwest. TenCorp will also continue to handle both the design and construction for cattle operations throughout the Midwest.

“Heartland Builder’s strong track record in barn construction compliments our cutting-edge design features like enhanced ventilation systems, efficient waste management and optimal space utilization to optimize cattle health and productivity,” says Kristin Tentinger, general manager at TenCorp. “Together, we are going to serve more producers and modernize more farms.”

“This collaboration allows us to tap into the premium cattle barn market and cater to the increased number of producers moving to covered feeding systems,” says Brian Palmer, president of Heartland Builders. “We are excited to partner with an industry leader known for their superior designs, which have become the new gold standard in the industry.”

For more information on partnering with Heartland Builders to construct a TenCorp-designed deep-pit cattle barn, contact Jake Ruth at 402.367.8390 or jruth@heartlandbuilders.net.

About TenCorp, Inc.

Founded in 2004, TenCorp, Inc. is headquartered in Marcus, Iowa, with corporate offices in Des Moines, Iowa. The company constructs and maintains premium deep-pit cattle barns and offers commodity storage solutions. Learn more at tencorpinc.com.

About Heartland Builders Co.

Heartland Builders Co., based in the Midwest, specializes in constructing high-quality livestock barns and agricultural facilities. Known for their craftsmanship and dedication to sustainability, they have served the agricultural industry for over three decades. Learn more at heartlandbuilders.net.


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