Former CCA President Stan Eby inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame


Source: Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

The Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame Association (CAHFA) has announced its five 2021 inductees, including Stan Eby, former Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) President. The CAHFA recognizes Canadian leaders for their contributions to agri-food industries with portraits on display at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and publicity of their career achievements.

Stan began farming near Kincardine, Ontario in 1971, where he was one of the first producers to introduce slatted floor beef barns. Since then, his guidance in the beef industry through two key crises has left a lasting legacy of outstanding leadership. “It is a surprise to be inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame,” Stan said. “I am humbled to have been chosen amongst so many others and all they have done for agriculture.

In 2000, Stan was serving as the President of the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) during the Walkerton water crisis. He led a team that managed crisis communications surrounding environmental stewardship in the beef industry and was instrumental in developing a framework with the OCA for agriculture to handle future environmental issues.

As CCA President from 2004 to 2006, Stan led the association in reframing the position of the Canadian beef industry internationally in response to BSE, as well as managing the crisis for domestic producers through advocacy for governmental support. “Stan is known for his calm and thoughtful leadership, particularly during times of crisis,” said Dennis Laycraft, CCA Executive Vice President. “His guidance during the early years of BSE contributed to re-establishment of export markets, effective disaster relief for producers, and changes to international response to BSE.”

A significant part of Stan’s effective leadership is his humility, which allowed him to effectively rally a team in times of need. “Being involved in leadership positions, issues come along and you just have to work your way through them with the best information you have at the time,” he said. “I believe in teamwork, and one person doesn’t get much done by themselves. I had great people to work with in Ontario and at CCA.”

Amongst diverse inductees, his practical and stable approach to leadership stand out. As Stan put it, “it’s about working with the facts and being honest with the people you’re working with.”

Stan will be recognized, along with the other inductees for both 2020 and 2021, at the induction ceremony on November 21, 2021 in Winnipeg.

For more information on this year’s CAHFA inductees, visit: Five outstanding leaders named to Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame for 2021 (


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