Four Select Sires Co-ops Merge To Form Select Sires Member Cooperative


Source: Select Sires news release

The boards of directors of All West/Select Sires, COBA/Select Sires, Select Sires MidAmerica and Minnesota/Select Sires have voted unanimously to merge as one cooperative representing the Select Sires federation in 25 U.S. states and the country of Mexico.

“As a supporter of cooperatives, my goal was to help create something that would allow us to always remain a member-owned cooperative. We would be nothing without our members,” said Brett Gibbons, President of Select Sires MidAmerica. “This merger allows us to do just that, and from the beginning it was evident that all of us wanted the same thing. This process was successful because of the unity shared amongst co-ops and more importantly, the general managers.”

The new cooperative, Select Sires Member Cooperative (SSMC), will begin as of October 1, 2023.

This board-led process has been intentional to create a cooperative that can serve dairy and beef producers well into the future. The boards of these four cooperatives feel that this is the logical next step in an ever-evolving industry to continue to operate as a full-service A.I. cooperative.

“We have four cooperatives that are in a strong financial position and have chosen to take a very proactive course to ensure that our members will continue to receive the top level products and services that they’ve always enjoyed,” said Chad Steinberger, COBA/Select Sires President. The goal of Select Sires Member Cooperative remains aligned with the current goal of each of these cooperatives, to serve all members-owners equitably and efficiently while providing the outstanding genetics and services of Select Sires.

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