Governments helping food processors boost efficiency


Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The governments of Canada and Ontario are investing more than $13 million through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP) to help free-standing meat processors and abattoirs in the province make upgrades to increase their productivity and efficiency and maintain Ontario’s high food safety standards.

This cost-shared funding, provided through the Sustainable CAP, is supporting 151 projects that focus on upgrading meat handling and processing equipment, technologies and practices that improve production capacity and enhance the competitiveness of Ontario’s meat processing plants and abattoirs.

Examples of investments made through the Meat Processors Capacity Improvement Initiative include:

  • Up to $140,112 to Penokean Hills Farms in Bruce Mines to purchase and install a chop cutter and thermoforming packaging machine to increase production.
  • Up to $150,000 to Sikorski Sausages in London to purchase and install a floor standing clipper, air compressor and refrigerated air dryer, a split chiller system, racking systems, high-capacity coils for variable speed fans, and evaporator fan coils to increase capacity and labour productivity.
  • Up to $19,461.60 to Townsend Butchers in Simcoe to purchase and install a new vacuum sealing machine to increase productivity and meet market demand.

The Meat Processors Capacity Improvement Initiative also covers training and engineering costs associated with completing the projects. Applications opened on August 31, 2023, and closed on September 25, 2023. All projects are expected to be completed with equipment delivered by March 1, 2024.

This funding builds on previous investments of over $14 million in the Meat Processors Capacity Improvement Initiative funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) since 2020.

Sustainable CAP is a 5-year (2023-2028), $3.5-billion investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to strengthen competitiveness, innovation, and resiliency of the agriculture, agri‐food and agri‐based products sector. This includes $1 billion in federal programs and activities and a $2.5 billion commitment that is cost-shared 60% federally and 40% provincially/territorially for programs designed and delivered by the provinces and territories.


“There is a growing demand for the high-quality products we produce and process across Canada. This funding through Sustainable CAP will help the meat processing industry in Ontario access new technologies and equipment to increase production and meet that demand.”

– The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

“The Meat Processors Capacity Improvement Initiative is a prime example of how our government is making the right investments in the right places. By supporting meat processors who are working to improve efficiencies and increase capacity, we’re ensuring that Ontario’s meat processing sector can compete globally and opening doors to new opportunities.”

– The Honourable Lisa Thompson, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Quick facts

  • There are approximately 480 provincially licensed and 239 federally licensed abattoirs and free-standing meat plants in Ontario.
  • Sustainable CAP will help enable the goals outlined in Ontario’s Grow Ontario Strategy, which include increasing the production of food by 30% over 10 years, and growing agriculture and food exports by 8% annually.
  • Enhancing sustainability and innovation in Canada’s agriculture and food industry were among priorities set for Sustainable CAP by the federal-provincial-territorial agricultural ministers in The Guelph Statement.


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