Laurentia Crystal Energy Technology reduces all greenhouse gases with Peter Webb


Today we are joined by Peter Webb, owner of Laurentia Crystal Energy. We discuss this outstanding technology and how it reduces all greenhouse gases, the sequestering of carbon, and higher oxygen in the water and environment. ⁠⁠

About our guest

I was born on a mixed farm in England and worked with the family for seventeen years before moving on to my own pig operation. I came to Canada in 1963, where I was contracted to work with the Ministry of Agriculture to work with pork producers in Ontario. At this time I took two courses at the University of Guelph, one on Animal Nutrition and the other on Breeding and Genetics.

In 1968 1 started my own pig farm, where we expanded to 600 sows from farrow to finish, shipping approximately 300 market hogs per week. At this time I taught different groups the nutritional requirements of high producing animals, as well as helping to develop the artificial insemination technique used today.

In 1983 we contacted a virus that there was no treatment for that wiped out our entire hog operation. I was hired by the largest vitamin mineral company in Canada as a Nutritionist in Alberta and Northern Montana. In 1985 1 returned to Ontario and started my own business marketing vitamins and minerals for all livestock. At this time I learned the effects of geo-magnetic lines and the effects of carrying the frequencies of electricity through livestock facilities. At this point in time I realized that these forms of pollution was interfering with animal health and the absorption of vitamins and minerals. For a number of years we had a system we called the electromagnetic balancer. We shipped large amounts to Europe and covered farms in Canada and down South to Missouri.

It was at this time that I learned the value of Radionics. Because of the polarity of the electricity, which is clockwise, Radionics was the most effective way of balancing the electromagnetic system within the environment. I also developed a mineral infused with Radionics as a replacement for chemical fertilizer. This was a very successful venture, but because of moving large amounts of minerals around, it wasn’t practical.

As we progressed, we were becoming aware of all the other interferences, such as radar, microwaves, energy from cell phones, which is commonly known as electromagnetic smog. Working with animals and crops, we were witnessing the decline of the health of animals and plants. This is when we had to move our technology to a higher level of protection by moving to crystal energy as a means of storing all of the necessary frequencies that we were putting into our environment. The challenges still keep coming at us, as we have found that all man-made frequencies are affecting the bacterial life in soil and animals. Our observations have been that the radio frequencies today are harming 80% of the bacteria in the human body, animals, and crops.

Our mission is to protect all living forms of life on this planet and Radionics is a major part of that technology.



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