Managing Reproduction


As a company that distributes genetic improvement, ABS Global understands that the vehicle to accomplish that is primarily reproductive technology. ABS has long been a leader in applied reproductive services through its vast network of Representatives and Technicians. ABS has also provided leadership in demonstrating the financial advantages associated with reproductive techniques that supersede natural service sires.

Reproduction is the most profitable thing a producer can manage in a cowherd. Managing reproduction and the number of cows calving in the first 30 days of the season will allow you to generate revenue and drive your operation’s efficiency. See the list below of six potential impacts that managing reproduction has on your operation’s profitability and efficiency.

  1. More days postpartum promotes better breed back
  2. Increased longevity of females in your herd
  3. Increased profitability with early calving cows
  4. Uniformity of your calf crop
  5. Heavier calves at weaning and marketing
  6. Shorted calving season saves you time

To continue to supply the provision of successful programs and applications, ABS has placed these resources in one easy access area. Contact your area’s Reproduction Specialist or local ABS Representative to discuss managing reproduction to generate revenue and boost efficiency.

Don’t know your area’s Reproduction Specialist? Check out the contact map below!

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