New Resource: Record Keeping And Benchmarking Level 2


Source: Beef Cattle Research Council,

Successful farm management begins with accurate and up to date records. The process of record keeping allows the farm manager to collect and save data so it can be analyzed and used to make better decisions and turn information into actions.

Level 1 was previously launched for farm managers who are new to record keeping or who may already keep records but are unsure of what information is worth keeping or how these records can be used.

The newly released Level 2 resource has been developed to build upon the themes covered in Level 1 but also goes more in depth on some of the analysis that can be accomplished once you have established a set of records. This includes:

Animal Health & Performance

  • Body condition scoring
  • Calving distribution
  • Cow to bull ratio
  • Mature cow weight
  • Calculating pounds weaned per cow exposed

Forage & Grasslands

  • Crop records
  • Feed inventory
  • Feed waste
  • Feed testing
  • Winter feed ration


  • Identifying breeding goals
  • Individual identification
  • Selection of replacement heifers and bulls
  • Making culling decisions

The Level 2 modules for animal health and performance, forage and grasslands, and genetics are now available for use. Stay tuned for Level 2 financial resources to be released at a later date.

Check out the new Level 2 resources here.


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