Next generation health tool for calves featured at Beef Industry Convention


All-natural DOSTO® Caps supports gut health, performance and more –  helping farmers shift to new reduced antibiotics landscape 

The new year means new opportunities for Canada’s beef industry as innovative new options become more widely available to help raise healthy animals.

Among the latest advances is DOSTO® Caps feed additive technology, showcased this week at the 25th Beef Industry Convention, Jan. 12-14 in London, Ontario.

This all-natural health management tool, brought to Canadian farmers by CBS Bio Platforms and EastGen, is uniquely designed to support the health and performance of calves while reducing reliance on antimicrobial use.

Recognition of its efficacy, safety and unique health advantages has resulted in Veterinary Health Products (VHP) approval for DOSTO® Caps, which can be used proactively as a preventative option to mitigate disease risk.

New health management tool

“‘We’ve all heard a lot in recent years about the need to support our beef farmers with new solutions –  in particular, new health tools that help them adjust as conventional options become more restricted,” says Paul Garvey, Canadian Sales Manager with CBS Bio Platforms.

“For a while the need to shift has been on the horizon but now it’s at the doorstep. The good news is options such as DOSTO® Caps are emerging to not only help meet this challenge, but to help farmers reach new levels of health and performance in their herds. As a preventative tool, it’s a very simple-to-apply ‘set it and forget it’ option.”

It’s fitting to showcase this technology at the 25th annual Beef Industry Convention, says Mike Weber, Operations Manager with EastGen. The event has long served as an important gathering to highlight knowledge and advances moving the industry forward, including most importantly new innovations directly benefiting beef farmers in ways that make a real difference at the farm level.

Rise of preventative approaches

“One thing reinforced at this event by everyone from technical experts to producers is that prevention is the best medicine,” says Weber. “That’s what our customers are increasingly asking us about and that’s what the best new options provide, led by DOSTO® Caps as a solution uniquely focused on calves. We are very pleased to help bring this option to more farmers, to help them get the most out of their cattle in 2023 and beyond.”

The DOSTO® Caps technology was created by Germany-based  DOSTOFARM®. DOSTOFARM® has partnered with CBS Bio Platforms, a Canadian feed technology company to bring this technology to the Canadian market. CBS Bio Platforms has in turn partnered with EastGen to use its sales force and network to expand the availability of DOSTO® Caps  to farms in Eastern Canada.

DOSTO® Caps features natural,  proprietary ultra-high-quality oregano oil, supplied via verified quality-assured production, and is proven to stabilize and optimize gut health in support of healthier, more productive animals. Because it has VHP-approved status, farmers can keep DOSTO® Caps on hand and use it proactively to help keep their calves healthy and performing at their greatest potential.

Helping farmers meet responsible use targets

Today’s headlines are a further indication the timing is right for this type of new solution, notes Sabrina Zettell, Canadian Technical Manager with CBS Bio Platforms. “We’re seeing the announcement of new responsible use targets by big beef buyers and it’s no surprise where the trends are taking us.”

The industry has been ardent in emphasizing the need to shift  toward integrated health management approaches that reduce reliance on antimicrobials, she says. “A gap has been the availability of new tools that help farmers make this shift without sacrificing results.  DOSTO® Caps is a great example of how we’re now making more progress.”

On farm visits, Zettell has noticed producers increasingly adopting a proactive mindset on this issue, she observes. “In the past the mindset was ‘we’ve got time and we’ll keep this in our back pocket.’ Now there’s a realization the future is now. When the right tools are available producers are eager to adopt them. They don’t want to wait until there’s no choice or they’re mandated to do this. If they have the right tools to shift today many are ready to take that step and get ahead of the curve.”

Options such as DOSTO® Caps can make this decision easy, she says. ‘Beef producers may not  have the same options they used to. But the good news is the new options emerging are often better in many ways. With this and other science-based innovations coming on line, the toolbox is expanding in a very positive direction.”

Farmers in Ontario and the Maritimes can contact their EastGen representative for further information on DOSTO® Caps. Learn more about EastGen at and CBS at


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