Ontario Providing Additional Drought Support to Farmers


Source: OMAFRA

 The Ontario government is delivering immediate assistance for livestock farmers impacted by drought conditions in northwestern Ontario by committing provincial funding for AgriRecovery. This funding is in addition to the $2 million already announced for feed, water and fencing.

Financial support is being made available through the federal-provincial AgriRecovery program, a cost-share initiative designed to help farmers cover the extraordinary costs caused by severe drought and feed shortages in Ontario. Ontario is committing up to $5 million in funding for the 40 per cent provincial cost share. The federal government announced $100 million for AgriRecovery across the drought area in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Ontario is calling on the federal government to include in the AgriRecovery program costs related to hay and other feeds, transportation of feed, transportation of animals to feed, measures to provide water to animals including trucking and equipment, temporary fencing and other extraordinary costs related to the drought. These costs are estimated at approximately $200 per head for cattle.

The federal government has approved Ontario’s request to increase the AgriStability interim payment to 75 per cent in the drought impacted areas.

This financial support provided by the Province, part of a new federal-provincial AgriRecovery response, builds on Ontario’s $2 million Northwestern Livestock Emergency Assistance Initiative, recently announced by Lisa Thompson, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on July 27, 2021.

The initiative was designed to help farmers cover the costs of such necessities as feed and hay, construction of temporary fencing for livestock to graze in alternative locations and the sourcing of water for farm animals. This initiative was an interim measure while the provincial and federal governments worked together to develop this longer term AgriRecovery response.

“Many Ontario farmers in the northwest, as well as farmers across the Prairies, have been hit hard by drought conditions and these severe dry weather conditions pose a significant threat to the livestock sector in Northwestern Ontario,” said Minister Thompson. “The agri-food sector supported Ontario during the pandemic by keeping grocery store shelves full. Now they need help, and our province is ready to step up to get them through hard times. That’s why we are moving forward with the immediate launch of our portion of the national AgriRecovery response along with our neighbours in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, so that our farmers can get the longer-term support they need – now.”

“The Beef Farmers of Ontario would like thank Minister Thompson for her swift response to initiate the AgriRecovery framework. While today’s announcement is a critical step in signaling to farmers that help is on the way, we remain concerned about the hardships the drought has created for those in affected regions, and the health of the province’s cow herd and vital infrastructure that supports Ontario’s economy,” says Rob Lipsett, BFO President.


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