PrevTech Innovations partners with Buckingham Ag to reduce the risk of farm fires


Farmers in Manitoba and across Western Canada now have a dedicated provider of the innovative PrevTech solution – Buckingham Ag. The innovative electrical monitoring and diagnostic system is proven to reduce the risk of farm fires and equipment downtime caused by electrical problems like faults and anomalies.

The new partnership between PrevTech Innovations and Buckingham Ag will expand the service and installation of PrevTech solutions across Western Canada.

“Both companies are focused on delivering value and service to Canadian livestock producers, and our aligned values have led to a partnership that is dedicated to keeping farms and families safe,” says Pierre-André Meunier, PrevTech founder and president. “More than 40 per cent of all barn fires are caused by faulty electrical systems and it’s a privilege to work with the Buckingham Ag team who understand farmers, their needs and how to protect their farm assets.”

PrevTech’s 24/7 continuous monitoring system provides a real-time reading across a farm’s entire electrical system. Alerts are sent if anomalies or faults are detected, followed by diagnostic support calls to ensure the alerts are addressed and resolved to prevent fires and unnecessary equipment breakdowns or downtime. PrevTech is the only electrical monitoring system with complete, full-service diagnostic support from their team of qualified electricians and technicians.

“Enhancing on-farm safety and reducing the risk of farm fires is the number one reason Buckingham Ag has partnered with PrevTech,” says Rick Bergmann, president, Buckingham Ag. “I’ve seen too many producers experience catastrophic losses from fires. PrevTech is an industry leader in prevention and we’re confident their surveillance and unique team of remote specialists can reduce electrical inefficiencies and on-farm fires. We’re pleased to provide this valuable solution to our customers.”

Buckingham Ag is located in Steinbach, MB and is dedicated to providing quality products and services, like the PrevTech solution to Canadian livestock and poultry producers. The company has recently hired territory sales manager Michael Martens, who will be working with clients to install PrevTech’s prevention solution in their barns.

PrevTech Innovations is a Canadian company that works with farmers to identify and correct electrical and thermal issues on farms. The company’s mission is to reduce the risk of farm fires by providing the latest technology, 24/7 monitoring and live diagnostic support to deliver peace of mind protection to their clients.  PrevTech’s solution approach is recognized by many insurance companies as a risk management tool. To learn more about PrevTech visit their website at


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