Use of Fertilizer in the Emission Reduction Era


Source: Alberta Wheat & Barley Commissions

A 30 per cent reduction target in nitrous oxide emissions by 2030 has created a lot of concern about crop yield and questions about fertilizer use. In this article (pages 8-9 in the link), Dr. Rigas Karamanos, an expert in soil fertility, shared his insights on how to achieve fertilizer emission targets without compromising crop yield. In short, understanding what happens to nitrogen (N) in the soil and practicing 4R Nutrient Stewardship is at the centre of more efficient soil fertility management.

Nitrogen Rate Calculators for Black, Dark Brown and Brown soil were developed by Alberta Wheat and Barley to help growers to use N wisely. The tool calculates the amount of N fertilizer needed for maximum net return. So when the markets are fluctuating, you always have a point of reference.

Need help using the Nitrogen Rate Calculators? Check out the demonstration video by Jeremy Boychyn, agronomy research extension manager at Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions.


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