Wall Street Processing to expand with USDA grant


After becoming the state’s first processor approved for interstate commerce, Wall Meat Processing is looking to expand further, courtesy of a USDA grant.

According to a report in Agweek, Wall Meat received a $3.3 million grant from the government agency, and will put it towards a new processing facility in New Underwood, S.D.

Currently, the processor has a 2,400-square-foot facility in Wall, with a retail/processing space in Rapid City. After a big jump in demand from the pandemic, Wall Meat is processing between 700 and 800 cattle and hogs per year (up from 500).

With the new facility, its capacity will jump further to 4,000 head.

“It helps take care of the ranchers and producers in the local area, as well as some of them that are a little further out,” Janet Niehaus, a co-owner, said to Agweek. “And it also allows us to take care of individual customers that rely on our product.”


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