Zoetis Introduces New Parasite Control In Cattle Valcor


Source: Zoetis news release

For cattle producers and veterinarians concerned about the efficacy of their parasite control programs, Zoetis introduces Valcor (doramectin and levamisole injection), the first and only combination endectocide in the United States designed for use against internal and external parasites in cattle.

“Valcor offers the unique combination of doramectin and levamisole,” said Mark Alley, DVM, MBA, Diplomate, American College of Animal Welfare, and managing veterinarian with Zoetis beef technical services. “In a research study with more than 1,500 head of heifers, Valcor reduced fecal egg count numbers by 99.9% compared to ivermectin at 85%, and the heifers treated with Valcor gained 9.3 pounds more than the ivermectin-treated heifers over 56 days. That additional weight gain adds up to more dollars per head.”1

Valcor is a prescription injectable product. Valcor has the strength of two active ingredients to treat and control adult stage and L4 stage of Haemonchus placei, Cooperia spp., and Ostertagia ostertagi (including inhibited L4), as well as the adult stage of Nematodirus helvetianus. It is also indicated for the treatment and control of lungworms, eyeworms, grubs, mange mites and sucking lice.

Valcor combines doramectin from the macrocyclic lactone class of dewormers with levamisole from the imidazothiazole class. “The two active ingredients in one product offers convenience to veterinarians and producers who may have had the need to use two products concurrently in the past,” said Dr. Alley. “Valcor provides two active ingredients in a single product and can help save labor and improve efficiency at the chute.”

Valcor will be available to veterinarians and cattle producers on August 1, 2023. For more information about this latest innovation from Zoetis, visit ValcorTough.com.

About Zoetis

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