Global Roundtable For Sustainable Beef Flies Flag For Industry At COP27


Source: Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef news release

GRSB is proud to announce that it will be representing the beef industry at COP27 to discuss sustainability progress across the beef supply chain.

Attending on behalf of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef will be Executive Director Ruaraidh Petre, Regional Director for South America Josefina Eisele and Bob Lowe, GRSB Vice President.

Through this presence, COP27 delegates will hear how GRSB and its members aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for each kilogram of beef produced, and improve the accuracy of measuring them. The important contributions of the beef industry to global food security and the vital nutrients beef provides will also be explored.

One of the panel events, named “Towards Sustainable Grassland and Livestock Management”, will be held at 10:30 on the 17 November and will be moderated by Josefina Eisele. Other speakers include: Claire Cvitanovich, US Koronivia Negotiator; Vicky Gandini, negotiator for Argentina on Koronivia UNFCCC; Guillaume Roué, President of International Meat Secretariat; and Alberto Yanoksy, Guyra Paraguay. Alongside panel members, GRSB will spotlight work on its global goals and provide a clear path to future progress.

Josefina Eisele, Regional Director, South America, GRSB, said: “We are proud to be hosting this panel on the behalf of the beef industry and are excited to explore the key issues in sustainable beef production with experts within the industry, as well as showcase the innovative work of our members.”

Ruaraidh Petre will be speaking at an event on the 14 November at 11:30am chaired by the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network, and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. He will also be taking part in the “Sustainable Livestock: Part of the Solution to the Climate Crisis” panel, hosted by the US Dairy Export Council, on the 12 November at 1:30pm.

Ruaraidh Petre, Executive Director of GRSB, said: “It is an honour to be representing our members at COP27 and highlighting the vital work they do to power progress. We also look forward to sharing the ways in which we are investing in beef sector mitigation and resilience programs to better support our members in their climate goals.”

A full list of GRSB hosted and supporting panels is as follows:

12 November, 1:30pm: GRSB will be speaking at the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) “Sustainable Livestock: Part of the Solution to the Climate Crisis” side event

14 November, 11:30am: GRSB has a speaking slot at the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) side event

17 November, 10:30am: GRSB will be hosting the “Towards Sustainable Grassland and Livestock Management” Panel

18 November, 11:00am: GRSB will be holding a joint session with the Global Dairy Platform and the International Livestock Research Institute

About the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) is a worldwide network of the people and organizations powering progress in sustainable beef. Across its global roundtable and 12 regional roundtables, GRSB has 94 members, working in 24 different countries across 6 continents. Collectively, its members are responsible for more than two thirds of cross-border beef trade.

GRSB powers progress in sustainable beef by setting ambitious goals around reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving land use and animal welfare. To help achieve these goals, GRSB champions best practice, facilitates the exchange of knowledge and fosters a collaborative approach.


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