Walmart Canada is beefing up their sustainability commitments


Source: Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB)

Walmart Canada will purchase the largest known quantity of beef from CRSB certified sustainable Canadian farms and ranches ever sourced by a single retailer.

Beef purchased through this commitment will support the environmental, social and economic sustainability of Canadian farmers and ranchers whose operations are certified through a third-party audited system, in accordance with sustainability standards set by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB).

This is the largest public commitment made by a single retailer to date: 1.5 million pounds of beef sourced from CRSB Certified Sustainable farms and ranches will be purchased by Walmart Canada over the next calendar year.

A milestone moment, this commitment contributes to advancing beef sustainability in Canada – and it’s only the start. The amount of beef Walmart Canada sources from CRSB Certified sustainable farms and ranches will continue to increase each year.

Leadership from organizations like Walmart inspires change and supports the Canadian beef sector’s continuous improvement goals.

Anne Wasko, Chair of the CRSB and rancher from Eastend, SK.

Committing to sustainable sourcing at this unprecedented level sets a new threshold in the industry for what is possible and reaffirms the company’s partnership with the CRSB. As a valued partner, Walmart Canada continues to help expand the CRSB’s program in Canada, advocating for continuous improvement in industry standards and engaging in open dialogue with industry and supply chain partners.

We’re immensely proud of what this commitment signifies to the industry and the impact it will have for our farmers and ranchers, customers, suppliers and partners. We’re making massive strides towards advancing sustainability within the Canadian beef industry, propelled by our commitment to being a regenerative company and made possible by strong partnerships with the CRSB and our suppliers.

~ Horacio Barbeito, President and CEO, Walmart Canada.


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