Feedlot Profitability and the Cattle Cycle – CRS Fact Sheet sponsored by Merck Animal Health


Source: Canadian Cattlemen’s Assocation

The cattle cycle is propelled by a free market profit cycle that begins with consumer preference for beef. In a free market economy, stronger beef demand leads to stronger fed cattle demand; this leads to stronger demand for feeder cattle and spurs expansion of the national beef cow herd.


Beef demand in the last five years (2016-20) appears to have boomed, but feeder and fed cattle prices have stayed relatively steady. The national herd is at its lowest levels since 1989. Reports of retail inflation have left consumers wondering where their food dollars are going.


Learn how the beef dollar gets allocated throughout the supply chain and explore the trends, management tools, production choices and trade information available for feeding operations to find margins at the bottom of the cattle cycle.


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